We grow organic vegetables
to contribute to the better health of the people in the community

  MINDFUL FARM, our community for organic farming, vegan food and Dharma teaching, is situated in a peaceful valley near Samoeng, 75 km north-west of the Chiang Mai city. The farm is run by a former Thai monk, Pi Nan, and his Japanese partner, Noriko, who have a little girl, Nobara born in 2011.
More than 2,000 people from all around the world have stayed at our farm as a volunteer since 2011. We live like a big family, and cook, eat and work together in nature. We are like a Sangha, open to both Thai local people and travelers from every part of the world to empower each other and bring progressive harmony on the planet.
            Our farm has integrated mindfulness into its daily life. Mindfulness is a word used in connection with Buddhism and meditation, meaning to be in the present moment. It is being very aware of what we are doing while we are doing it.
As a method for cultivating mindfulness – meditation is a vital part of the daily routine at Mindful Farm. We believe that promoting organic farming and a vegan diet is the only way to preserve our Mother Earth.Thick Nhat Hanh
says that
mindfulness must be engaged. We will be able to achieve inner peace by working day by day with mindfulness for a better world for the future generation.

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Mindful Farmers plants the seed for a better future for their community
by Julia Offenberger

Our Current Activities
What we do now?

We grow more than 50 kinds of local vegetables and fruits. Vegetables and fruits are consumed in our farm with volunteers and sold at our vegan restaurant to be served in the dishes. We also help our neighbor farmers to start with organic farming methods.
We welcome travelers from all around the world to become farming volunteers. Volunteers can learn about organic farming, wild edible plants, vegan cooking, natural building, Buddhism and meditation. Volunteers are also welcomed to join our community ... read more

We run a vegan restaurant in the village and promote a healthy vegan diet among the local Thai people. On the Buddhist days or other special holidays, we offer free vegan food in the village.

Every Saturday and Sunday, we teach English, Japanese and other languages to the kids in the village at our vegan restaurant. Free vegan lunch and homemade sweets are served. Volunteers at the farm are welcome to join teaching.
We have a family temple at the farm where we practice meditation every day. We invite teachers from Chiang Mai or Bangkok and organize lectures for our volunteers as well as for people in the village.

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