Frequently Asked Questions
Which SIM CARD has telephone signals in the village?
            AIS and True Move only.

Do we have Wi-fi?
            Yes, we have Wi-fi at the farm, and you can access to internet with your own devices. However try to think of your time at Mindful Farm as a time to be in the present and free yourself from worrying about the past and the future.

What should I bring with me?
            Some things you should bring:
             Flash light
             Personal toiletries and any special items
             Medication you need
             Bug spray
             Sun hat (if you have one)
             Sun screen
             Work gloves
             Clothes that can get dirty
             Yoga mat (if you have one)
            We will provide bedding & a mosquito net.
            There is a small shop in the village which stocks things like soap, shampoo, envelopes, and some snacks. If you think you will need anything special, we recommend buying it in Chiang Mai and bringing it with you.

How to support us?
            We always welcome donations of food for our kitchen, seeds, and books on meditation/mindfulness/Buddhism, gardening & yoga.

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