Volunteering & Visits
Why do we need your help?

            We have been planting many kinds of vegetables and fruit trees. The aim is to produce enough for our own daily nourishment, and, as our harvest allows, share with the people in the community. We used to sell our organic products in Bangkok, but now we are exploring the local market. So much processed food from the city is bought and consumed in the village, and apparently health problems have increased. We would like to contribute to the better health of the people in the community, and therefore, together with other organic farmers around, we are seeking a venue to sell our products nearby.
            Along with this aim, in December 2015, we opened a vegan noodle shop in our village. Here, we sell vegan noodles as well as vegetables from our garden, homemade sweets and snacks. We are planning to also sell healthy drinks, organic soaps and other eco-friendly products. We hope this shop will introduce an alternative way of living to the people in the village.
            Furthermore, we need help to organize English classes for kids, seminars on natural medicine etc.

            We welcome all energetic people to join us working on the farm, including families or groups .

Meals and Accommodation
What are the conditions of your stay?


            The farm stay costs 200 Baht / night per person, which includes three healthy vegan meals.
            Accommodation is very basic and in various states of improvement and upgrading. Staying at Mindful Farm is similar to camping. We have a few small partially open mud huts and a few completely enclosed rooms. There are no personal guesthouses. While older people are welcome to stay at the farm, they may not find the accommodation and sleeping arrangements comfortable.

Are there any rules during the stay?
            While staying at the farm, we request that you follow a mindful lifestyle: refraining from smoking and alcohol, refraining from excessive noise and loud talking, and not playing loud games or loud music. Also please dress modestly to respect the Thai culture. This helps a good environment for meditation.

Daily Routine
What is the standard timetable?

06:30    Get up
07:00    Meditation, yoga, cooking breakfast,
              cleaning the common area
08:00    Breakfast
09:00    Morning work
12:00    Lunch and Rest
15:00    Afternoon work / Skill sharing / cooking dinner
18:00    Dinner
20:00    Group Meditation

This schedule is subject to change according to weather, community activities, priorities of work etc.

What can you learn here?
            In exchange for your volunteer work on the farm, we will teach you organic farming methods, methods of building with natural materials, Buddhist teachings, and meditation instruction.  You can also learn vegetarian cooking and recognizing wild edible plants, and experience the Thai local village life.
            We will learn all together how to live a simple and mindful life on the farm, close to our Mother Earth. We want you to feel as if you were at your second home. We would like to be your second family in Thailand.

Is there minimum period of the stay?
            We strongly encourage visitors to Mindful Farm to stay for a minimum of 5 days. The longer you can stay, the more you will learn from your time here, and the more you will be able to contribute to our community. You also have the opportunity to experience a day of silent meditation alone in the forest. We would love to welcome you to Mindful Farm for any time you have available – please email us if you have any questions about visiting.

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